Blue Heaven Backtalk

Here are letters, photos, and videos from our much-loved and well-fed BLUE HEAVEN friends and family!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laura Wood performing live in Blue Heaven courtyard

We love when Laura Wood comes by and performs.

Here is her website, Check it out!

Great Customer Video by Stephen Grubb

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kenny Chesney returns to Blue Heaven for Key Lime pie—with his Grandmother from Tennessee—and it's on Oprah!

Kenny Chesney returns home to the Knoxville, Tennessee area, picks up his grandmother in a private jet and flies down to the Key West to treat her to our very special Blue Heaven Key Lime pie.

Did we mention it was on Oprah?

Oh, and one other thing:
His grandmother had never flown in the air before!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Three Sisters

Here are recent photographs of the Three Sisters—Jesk, Socks, and Sparky—born this past June or so under the house next door to Blue Heaven. They grew up quickly, and were very cautious about humans for the longest time. Slowly, especially with all the coaxing and instruction and tasty tidbits available to civilized cats here at Blue Heaven, they came around. Now they are regular fixtures.

Well, Jesk and Socks are. Sparkles can be seen daily a half-block up at the very wonderful Besame Mucho, her hang-out of choice. The Sister all remain very close, and clean one another, and are all in possession of great character and personality. Jesk daily takes up residence on Joan's desk and lap (Joan's Desk = Jesk. Get it?) Socks comes and goes in and out all day.

Life of Riley? Oh yes indeed! Very much so. And the pictures below are just an update for the many who have become fans of the Sisters. Enjoy!

Sparkles, Jesk, and Socks on the front porch at Blue Heaven

Sparkles, Socks, and Jesk on the front porch at Blue Heaven

Sparkles and Jesk

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cat To Good Home (Will not ship - sorry!)

This is Jesk. Jesk got her name because that's where she lives...on Joan's Desk!

This is one of the three sisters who have become young teenagers here at Blue Heaven, and it's time to find them a home. At least, Jesk! She's taken over the office.

If you want a wonderful loves-to-be-loved new kitty, come on by and meet Jesk. And if you really feel up to it, she's got two sisters!

Dancing Parrot

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dancing Parrot

We did a search for "Blue Heaven Key West" on YouTube, and this came up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blue Heaven - #1 Restaurant in US - Yahoo! Travel

As everyone at Blue Heaven knows, Richard and computers go together like peanut butter and bleu cheese.

Which is why noone believed him when he said that on Yahoo! Travel, Blue Heaven was listed as "the #1 restaurant in all the US." In fact, he had three people check it independent of one another just to verify that 1) it was indeed the case, and that 2) he was the one who had noticed/discovered it.

And he was right! On both counts! Above is the screen grab. Or else you can go and see for yourself. Thank you to all the people who wrote about us on Yahoo! for making Blue Heaven #1!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ricky - BLUE HEAVEN's "Office-ial" Cat

Ricky The Cat
This is Ricky. He is a "good boy" kind-of cat, a tuff guy but a cool and good-feeling cat, as well. And he's not actually missing an ear, it's just crumpled up.

Ricky can be found most regularly lounging on Joan the Bookkeeper's desk. He has a thing for numbers.

Ricky recently had a bad tooth pulled. It was by accident, a side-benefit of being treated for an eye that was having some troubles. Regardless of his terrific office demeanor, he is not the best patient. You can imagine.

Here he is in most office Sphinx pose: As always, Ricky the Cat is on top of things.