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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walk (or Bike) to Blue Heaven!!

[image: Jeff Macnelly]

The parking in our wonderful neighborhood, Bahama Village, is very limited. How limited? Our neighbors have asked us to request our guests to WALK or BIKE or MOPED or TAXI to Blue Heaven. (There is plenty of space for bicycles and motor-scooters!)

All in all, the island of Key West is approximately 2 miles by 4.5 miles, so actually walking most anywhere to and fro on the island is "do-able." However, considering 90% of our guests stay within a 1-mile radius of Blue Heaven, and that we are centrally located (two blocks off of the 700-800 block of Duval Street, at the corner of Thomas and Petronia) and that walking gives everyone the opportunity to experience the best part of Key West island life - that is, the pace - what is "do-able" becomes "worth doing." Plus, it's environmentally practical! As such, we have begun an outreach to our friends and family to walk or bike when heading to Blue Heaven.

If you have any questions, here is a map of our location. OR give us a call at 305-296-8666, and we'll be happy to help everyone figure out the best and most enjoyable way possible to get to Blue Heaven.