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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Three Sisters

Here are recent photographs of the Three Sisters—Jesk, Socks, and Sparky—born this past June or so under the house next door to Blue Heaven. They grew up quickly, and were very cautious about humans for the longest time. Slowly, especially with all the coaxing and instruction and tasty tidbits available to civilized cats here at Blue Heaven, they came around. Now they are regular fixtures.

Well, Jesk and Socks are. Sparkles can be seen daily a half-block up at the very wonderful Besame Mucho, her hang-out of choice. The Sister all remain very close, and clean one another, and are all in possession of great character and personality. Jesk daily takes up residence on Joan's desk and lap (Joan's Desk = Jesk. Get it?) Socks comes and goes in and out all day.

Life of Riley? Oh yes indeed! Very much so. And the pictures below are just an update for the many who have become fans of the Sisters. Enjoy!

Sparkles, Jesk, and Socks on the front porch at Blue Heaven

Sparkles, Socks, and Jesk on the front porch at Blue Heaven

Sparkles and Jesk


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Dear People,
I have some photos from your restaurant you may be interested in seeing... love your place!Lawonda was great to me! And your eggs benedict with tenderloin was the perfect fuel for a three hour promenade at the Key West cemetary.

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