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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Walk (or Bike) to Blue Heaven!!

[image: Jeff Macnelly]

The parking in our wonderful neighborhood, Bahama Village, is very limited. How limited? Our neighbors have asked us to request our guests to WALK or BIKE or MOPED or TAXI to Blue Heaven. (There is plenty of space for bicycles and motor-scooters!)

All in all, the island of Key West is approximately 2 miles by 4.5 miles, so actually walking most anywhere to and fro on the island is "do-able." However, considering 90% of our guests stay within a 1-mile radius of Blue Heaven, and that we are centrally located (two blocks off of the 700-800 block of Duval Street, at the corner of Thomas and Petronia) and that walking gives everyone the opportunity to experience the best part of Key West island life - that is, the pace - what is "do-able" becomes "worth doing." Plus, it's environmentally practical! As such, we have begun an outreach to our friends and family to walk or bike when heading to Blue Heaven.

If you have any questions, here is a map of our location. OR give us a call at 305-296-8666, and we'll be happy to help everyone figure out the best and most enjoyable way possible to get to Blue Heaven.


Blogger Gary said...

We LOVE Blue Heaven... We were just there again last week. We enjoyed Loy's 'Special Iced Coffee' so much! Is there any way you could provide us with the recipe so that we can enjoy it here at home in Ohio until our next visit to Paradise? Thanks for the wonderful atmosphere and food in our favorite restaurant in Key West!

4:06 PM  
Blogger sue said...

We were in Key West for our first time in Dec 08 & were recommeded to go to Blue Heaven. We were not disappointed! My husband said it was the best omelette he 'ever had'
THe ambience, the chickens, roosters, band and the Bloody Mary's were great!
Cant wait to get back and do it again.

6:50 PM  
Blogger I love the bells and whistles. said...

We love Blue Heaven. Great atmosphere, food and service. Parking is limited so if you can walk or take a bike do it. We usually rent a scooter for a few days, its a small island and you can go anywhere with them.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Debbie Kirkland, REALTOR said...

Blue Heaven is a MUST for anyone even near Key West. Weekend music was the best. the chicks..rode the bike from the hotel, shrimp n' grits evah!!! If I'm in Miami in Sept..will have to get there..again. Ate there.. got the shirt. ; )

7:05 PM  
Blogger Holli said...

Blue Heaven is AMAZING! My sisters and I dined here 4 years ago when in Key West at the recommendation of the clerk at Eden House. I was NOT disappointed.... Order the cheese omelet - it's the BEST you'll ever have! My fiance and I are heading back to Key West in November, and I can't wait to eat here again!

8:41 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

We have been fortunate enough to visit Blue Heaven the last weekend of January the past four years for the mini marathon and it is undeniably the best place for breakfast we have ever been. "Generous Pour" Pina Colada's, and Bloody Mary's start the morning out right. Waiting for a table is no hassle as we gather round the ping pong table and sit in the open air with the warm Key West sun warming our faces. The service is friendly and fast, the food is top notch (where else can you eat your eggs with live chickens running through your legs) and each experience is unique. You don't have to die to eat there but when you do you will definatley have arrived in Blue Heaven !

7:10 PM  
Blogger PCSChip said...

Finally got to Blue Heaven after a couple trips to KW. Can not wait for lunch there. My wife had Lobster Benidict emmmmmm fresh hollindase with a hint of lime OMG (it was a special but the tenderloin benidict sounds amazing especially for a morning after....The Pancakes most amazing pancakes I have ever eaten...fresh pineapple OMG still trying to duplicate them at home. Always feel like "I have found me a home" in when we are in Key West....this place makes you feel like your eating at home but no dirty dishes and the food I dare say is better :) Lobster Benidict outside in the morning sun....come on....Sitting there with the roosters in the most amazing city in the world....

7:39 AM  
Blogger acesssboy said...

I love Blue Heaven. I have to say that between the ambience and the food, I'm not sure which I love the most. I especially enjoy the fresh fruit and bananna bread for breakfast. ( I enjoy feeding my blue berries to the checkins, and they like it too.)
I have to agree with others that sitting outdoors with the chicks coming and going in the warm morning sun is an experience to be lived to be appreciated.

3:21 PM  
Blogger EmiGSaint said...

How far are you from the cruise line terminal. We will be in key west for a day or two. Would love to come here. Just saw yall on must love cats.

9:13 AM  
Blogger TerryLynn Melody said...

I walk just so I can have a bigger meal! LOVE BLUE HEAVEN! I love it so much we have come down there ion The Key West Express just to eat lunch!

12:51 PM  
Blogger luvthatmuddywater said...

Good food, unique lovely ambiance, dihonest waitstaff. Beware when you place an order that you know what is included and what is extra.

8:12 AM  

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