Blue Heaven Backtalk

Here are letters, photos, and videos from our much-loved and well-fed BLUE HEAVEN friends and family!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BLUE HEAVEN and Baby's for Breakfast

While my husband and I were visiting in Key West this past weekend we ate at your establishment. Our breakfast was great and your pancakes were the best we have ever eaten. I visit Key West every few years and the last time we were there you were closed for construction. I'm already looking foward to coming back for some pecan pancakes.
We really enjoyed the coffee and can I buy it online? I'd appreciate the info.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Cyndee P.

Yes, Cyndee, you can buy it online. We sell it at our online BLUE HEAVEN store!

Word From Washington

Just want to let you know how much we enjoyed eating at Blue Heaven
(we’re the folks from Washington State). Scott [night manager] was wonderful ! He
went out of his way to make us feel welcomed. Upon leaving the
restaurant he came over to visit with us and asked how long we were
going to be in Key West – only two nights, which was definitely not
enough. He recommended to us a couple of other local spots to try
for food (B.O.’s and a Cuban café). We ate at both and were
extremely pleased.

Thanks again for a fantastic meal and wonderful hospitality!!!

Rich, Carol & Sabrina Charlson

Monday, February 26, 2007

Rooster Du Jour

Greg Mitchell's rooster
We will see you again next week. For now here is a photo of one of your roosters that I took last year that you might enjoy or even want to make use of ....A classic, I think!

Greg Mitchell*

Thanks for the photo, Greg. We'll be sure to add it to "Bodacious Blue"'s wall of fame. He is a very famous rooster now.
[*Greg is the editor of Editor and Publisher magazine.]

Pilsner Pancakes

Dear Blue Heaven,

For the past five years I've been coming down in March and eating your fabulous pancakes. It appears that I might not make it down this year, and this makes me sad. I'm willing to brainstorm ideas to still get your pancakes into my belly. What do you think is the best way to ship a pancake?

Ryan L.

Dear Ryan,
Sorry that you won't make it down to BLUE HEAVEN, but there really is no good way to ship a pancake that will arrive to be as tasty as you remember. However, we''ll let you know our secret ingredient. It's...Budweiser! Yes, as in, the beer.
So, you may want to see if adding some Budweiser to your favorite recipe might help to get the desired effect. Our suggestion is to use your favorite recipe, substitute Budweiser for the liquid, and add the fruit of your choice. Bananas, pineapple, pecan and blueberry are the BLUE HEAVEN specialties!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Merry Marys

Hi! Love your restaurant and visit each time I come to Key West. You have the best Bloody Marys I have ever had. Can you share the recipe?
Maggie M.

Dear Maggie,
Glad you're such a big fan. We'd be happy to share the recipe if you give us a call at 305-296-8666 so that we may have one of our terrific bartenders let you know how to make them the Blue Heaven way.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yelling out for our Yellowtail!

Dear Chef,
A few weeks ago we had a very nice meal at your restaurant. I had the "yellowtail snapper special" which was covered in an exceptional sauce ... I think it was something like "key lime butter sauce". It was a white sauce and I'm still thinking about the excellent taste!
Would it be possible for you to provide the recipe for this sauce? I promise not to publish it, provide it to your competitors, etc. We live on the New York / Vermont border and we had an enjoyable time in sunny Key West. Our best meal (by far) was at Blue Heaven (recommended by very good friends).
We'll be back ... someday ... and plan to revisit your fine restaurant. Thanks for the excellent food and service. The recipe would be cherished. Have a great Winter season.
Berta L
Shushan, N

Dear Blue Heaven,
I have been to Blue Heaven multiple times and wondered if you would share the sauce recipe for the yellow tail snapper dish. It is the best I have ever had.
Diane D
Albany, NY

My son is always raving about a snapper that you serve with a hollandaise sauce. I would like to prepare something similar for his birthday to surprise him. Since we are unable to come to Key West to celebrate, can you possibly give me an idea of this dish so that I can attempt to create something similar if not as delicious as yours? He promised to bring us there in the Spring to see your amazing place for ourselves!

Thank you so much!

Cher S.
Plant City, Florida

We serve a yellowtail snapper with a citrus beurre blanc sauce. If you'd like to speak with Chef GuillAume
regarding the recipe, you could call here after 3:30 pm at 305-296-8666. He is here every night, except Sunday and Mondays.

And thanks! BLUE HEAVEN's yellowtail snapper is our
most popular dish.